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When considering the health and wellbeing of your pet dog the number one most important issue is nutrition. To give your dog a happy, long and active life without the common health issues associated with today’s dog foods, making home-made meals for your dog each day is the best way.

Dogs, just like you or I, need a balanced and nutritious diet which contains the correct nutrients for growth and repair of tissue. If the diet of a dog does not contain the right balance of nutrients you can see associated problems like growth being stunted, injuries that do not heal well and a life span which is shorter when compared with a dog that is eating an optimum diet.

When looking at a dog’s diet, protein is a very important part. The nutrient protein is important in all areas of development and growth as well as for the immune system. Proteins are also burned as kilojoules which can be used or converted and stored as fat.

When looking at the nutritional make up of human diets the inclusion of fats are not usually considered as favorable in the diet world, but in a dog’s diet fats are a very important component. The reason for this is they are required for kidney processes. Fats are also important for maintaining a dog’s healthy coat and skin, and as dogs are usually very active they need a good source of concentrated carbohydrates that can be easily converted to energy.

Dog owners are being misled into believing that pet food companies and manufacturers are producing and selling products that are the very best combination of nutrients for dogs. It is important to realize that the listing of the protein level on the pet food packaging is not the digestible protein. There are different levels of protein digestibility. Quality food has a 70 to 80 percent digestibility but when the food is of lesser quality it can drop to below 60%. Meat and chicken by-products which some good dog foods are made of, have acceptable quality (not high but acceptable) but other foods are made of meat and bone meal which is much less digestible. When reading the labels on the packs, if grains are listed as ingredients they are also not a good supply of digestible protein and just add to the carbohydrate load.

You are able to know for sure the nutrients and sources of the nutrients you are giving your dog when you provide them a home-made, healthy meal and you can also give them the correct amount for their stage of life, size and breed. As well as those benefits you also know your pet is not eating things like artificial flavoring, additives and preservatives. Home-made dog food recipes include ingredients such as vegetables, honey, bananas, pumpkin, apples, peanut butter and meat such turkey, fish, chicken and beef. Some dog owners decide to go down the home made recipe road because their dog has a health condition. Others choose to because their dog is in training for competition. Some simply choose this way to feed their dogs because they understand that the bought highly processed dog food is nothing more than low quality food dipped in fat to make it tasty for dogs.

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